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Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is my honor and great pleasure to welcome you to LÖSANTE - LÖSEV Inaugural International Cancer and Life Symposium. As much as cancer is an unwelcome experience in our lives; it is our hope that this symposium will live to be a pleasant, informative and inspiring annual tradition. This year’s meeting is planned as a two-day event; tailored towards health professionals on the first day and towards community on the second day. It is an event with a content that will cover aspects of childhood leukemia and adult cancers. This inaugural symposium offers an outstanding scientific experience with distinguished world-renowned expert keynote speakers. It aims to initiate and boost collaborative and partnership research among participating health professionals and inform and support patients and survivors.
Special thanks go to all who worked tirelessly toward making this meeting possible.
I appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you in Ankara in June!

A. Emin Kürekci, MD
Professor of Pediatric Hematology
Symposium Chair